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Unified Products and Services Davao City Philippines is an ALL IN ONE Franchise of Bills Payments,
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The HOTTEST all in one business in the Philippines.

It is an Online Negosyo Dealers Packages.

This Home Base Dealer Business packages are accessible anytime anywhere for as long as you have good internet connection.

We also have Tangible Products aside from our online products and services.

Our business packages will empower communities towards attaining financial freedom and economic stability.
We exist with the paramount purpose of providing limitless lifetime earning opportunities to everyone.

We are the BIGGEST, the STRONGEST, the most SUPPORTIVE, 
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To be the world-class leader in Multilevel Marketing industry empowering the global Pinoy community in attaining financial freedom and economic stability.


To provide business opportunities to individuals through our world-class quality products and services.

To develop professional multilevel marketing leaders who will spearhead an innovative marketing plans.


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Unified Products and Services Davao City IncAng USO na business karon sa Davao! Unified Products and Services Inc used Davao Online Home Negosyo to reach more Filipinos looking for a great trendy home based negsoyo that they can do whenever wherever they are. We  offer an ALL IN ONE HUB Franchise of Bills Payments, Unified Loading Plus, Remittance, Ticketing, Travel and Tours packages and many more services and earning opportunities – UPS Philippines.

We offer various Dealers packages that will empower global communities towards attaining financial freedom and economic stability. Our Dealer packages is Online & Home Based.

WE exists with the paramount purpose of providing business opportunities to everyone through our world class quality products and services.

Davao Online Home Negosyo Dealers packages are accessible when ever where ever for as long as you have good internet connection.


Unified Products and Services Davao City Inc

Although we try our best to update this site, information and prices are subject to change without notice. Please feel free to contact us for our most current pricing and information. Thank you!


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Mga rason kung bakit Umuuwi ang mga OFW sa Pilipinas

Mga rason kung bakit mapapauwi ang mga OFW
1. End of contract
2. Di na kailangan ng amo/company
3.Bumibigay ang katawan
Ito yong realidad, paano kung sa pag uwi mo hindi ka ready dahil wala ka pang ipon? Kya tips sa mga OFW wag makampante sa sahod. Make another source of income.😊
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RATED SPG: Going Deeper Into the Emotional Side of Sex (Part 2)

If you haven’t read the first part yet, you can read it here:
So, we’ve talked about how some people wait for the perfect moment, the connection of the mind and soul, before giving their precious gift to the deserving gentleman (or woman).
Unified Sofia Macaraeg 21.png
But there’s also an opposite process
From the mental and spiritual connection… this time, let’s tackle the reverse process.
You have to be physically attracted to the person first before you can connect to their
emotions.  These are the type of people who searches the room and immediately falls in
love with the hottest person, or at least, depending on his/her preference.
Is this even a valid excuse? Can we consider this attraction?
Well, the more appropriate word to describe this is LUST. Some people are physically
drawn together like magnets; there’s a chemical reaction, a hunger, or a pure physical
craving to be physically attached to the other person.
But don’t judge too quickly! When the chemistry between people is just right, getting
physically attached can develop into so much more.
Yes, this can work too.
Unified Sofia Macaraeg 22.png
In retrospective review conducted in 2012, they discovered the part of the brain that
triggers and tracks the progression from sexual desire to love. One is the insula. The
other is the stria-tum, which is located inside the fore-brain.
Interestingly, the stria-tum is also associated with drug addiction, which explains why we
can’t get enough of it.
Lust and love stimulate different parts of the stria-tum. Ha! No wonder we confuse lust
from love!
Sex and food are among the pleasurable things that activate the lust part; thus, there is
food porn and actual porn). On the other hand, the process of conditioning such as
reward and value activates the love part.
When these parts work together, when lust is often rewarded or becomes habitual, love-
bug can bite you in the ass without you even knowing. As feelings of lust start to turn
into love, quite fittingly, another area of the stria-tum takes over.
So, there you have it! Science supports love at first sight.
Unified Sofia Macaraeg 23.png
Loves Moves in Mysterious Ways
Finding true love is rare. Because we are often confused. And our feelings change, sometimes, almost randomly.
There’s a thin line that separates love from lust. Still, they don’t usually blend or transform into something magical in just a snap.
But when the arrow of cupid pierces your heart, the person may not be the one you’ve been dreaming of all those years. Most married couples are actually surprised who they ended up with.
But that’s how this world was designed. Life is a box of chocolate; you’ll never know what you’re gonna get.
Unified Sofia Macaraeg 24.png
Sometimes, you just have to trust your guts and ignore your rules or standards in order to find the right one. But, you can also trust your sex drive to beat the bushes and arrive into the clearing.
You can fall head over heels for someone’s physical appearance but find their personality really bland. On the flip side, you may feel attracted to a person’s ability to hold a conversation but… you know, their physical appeal is close to zero. Even in long-term relationships, making love can devolve to sex.
And that’s OK!
Because we are complicated. Love is complicated.
Unified Sofia Macaraeg 25.png
It All Happens Inside Your Skull
In a 2018 study, suggests integral links between sexual, emotional, and reproductive brain functions with the hormone production or the endocrine system.
Being attracted to another individual and sexual arousal don’t happen without a reason, let alone falling in love. There is always a context behind it.
They involve physiological, cognitive, and neurological processes – all of which are influenced by different emotions and outside motivations.
Therefore, it doesn’t happen by accident; something must have aligned, the right piece of the puzzle snapped right exactly where it has to be.
Unified Sofia Macaraeg 26.png
The Process Also Dumps You Down
Sexual arousal can turn off parts of the prefrontal cortex. Surprise!
Ever heard that love makes you dumb? It turns out, even arousal can do that as well. The process deactivates parts of the brain that help you think critically and behave like a rational human being.
You should be grateful. Now you have a valid reason for chasing the same person who dumped you several times already.
Your ability to reasoning is partially clouded by sexual desire. Your brain is literally being swept off by the chemicals flowing in your system.
And when you snap back to reality, you might wonder, with a tinge of regret or embarrassment, what you were thinking.
No! You’re not stupid, you’re just in love.
Unified Sofia Macaraeg 28.png
Here are more ways you can deepen your bond during your most intimate moments.
  • Touch your partner with passion. Hold hands. Stroke an arm. Cuddle up. Give each other a massage. It doesn’t necessarily have to lead to sex. A little anticipation makes everything exciting.


  • Don’t let physical intimacy become an afterthought, a thing you do as time permits. Schedule it. Make a date. Put it on your top priority list.


  • Make eye contact and hold it. Do this often — when you agree, when you disagree, when you share that inside joke, and when life gets overwhelming.



Unified Sofia Macaraeg 18.png

  • Let your guard down. Welcome your partner inside your mind. Be emotionally vulnerable and available for each other. Be their person.


  • Kiss. Passionately. And take your time about it. Don’t rush. It’s going to be much better when you’re both on your own pace. Right


  • Don’t be too manly. There’s no point in hiding your feelings. Communicate your emotions. Say “I love you” if that’s how you feel


  • It’s a good idea to spice things up by giving your partner the best that you’ve got. You can use Xtracharge Food Supplement for Men from Unified to enhance your performance during your most intimate moment.


Unified Sofia Macaraeg 19

We All Need Sex
You have to admit…
Sex is something that lights up the world. It’s one of the sources of our motivations, desires, and plethora of emotions bottled up inside of us.
Sex is an outlet where we can let out emotions we can’t put into words. The world would be pretty boring without a way to express intense feelings and emotions.
And it would be just another physical activity without all the mystery that accompanies the process. The differences in our opinion and emotional response to sex make everything about it mind-blowing.
After all, sex is usually where love blooms, which creates something better and stronger. It’s an explosion of many body processes and emotions we can’t even begin to comprehend.
So, just enjoy each moment and be yourself.
Visit Unified Online Shop now to learn more! It’s time to try the miraculous creation of
Mother Nature itself.
All Organic and All Natural!